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Welcome To WWKF

WWKF is a backyard wrestling company. The chairman of WWKF is Hashim Babar. there will be 2 shows. One will be on Tuesday and one will be on Thursday. On Tuesday theres gonna be Tuesday night Showdown and on Friday there will be Friday Night Shock. The general manager of Shock is Jayden Shears . On Tuesday Night Showdown the general manager will be Hashim Babar. there the general managers and wrestler. Theres also gonna be a show called Strong Enough? That's the WWKF version of Tough Enough where you do challanges but no wrestling and whoever does the best in the challanges and doesn't get eliminated wins. The guy who owns that show is Hashim Babar and hes gonna be like Stone Cold and go all out on the people on the show so if you're on it Be Careful of the Rattlesnake! Warning: He Bites. Hashim Babar And Jayden Shears hope you have a awesome time. Peace. 

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